With High-power vacuum cleaner, you can now avoid sneezing because of dusty seats and corners inside your car. Handy and lightweight, the Portable car Vacuum Cleaner is easy to use and easy to carry when you want to clean your car. With it’s powerful suction feature, you can be sure that your car clean and safe from little bugs and dusty corners.It comes with a handy hose which will efficiently pick up wet or dry spills in hard to reach areas. It is designed to get rid of dust,crumbs, cobwebs and fur balls more easily. easy to use in a car. The side for suction and the top for inflating items such as pool toys – air mattresses etc. It Provides powerful vacuum with it’s DC 12 volt motor. And simply plugs into any 12v DC socket or adapter.

Key Features

Low Noise and Strong Suction.

Lightweight and Versatile.

Extended power Cord of 5 meters

Bag less Vacuums

Works with any vehicle with 12V outlet

Removable & Washable stainless steel HEPA filter