MDREX750BT Headphone

80.00 50.00

Manufacturer’s Specification:
Weight: 1.34 oz
Driver Unit: 0.35 in dynamic – Dome type (CCAW VoiceCoil)
Frequency Response (HZ): 5–40,000 Hz (Power off) (Wired)
Sensitivities (DB/MW): 105 dB/mW (when using the dedicated headphone cable)
Cord Length: 3.28 ft
Plug: The gilding, L-form, stereo mini-plug
Video Review
The Sony h.ear in Wireless differs in a way that it uses a neckband to keep the headphones in place, with small wires leading up to the main ear pieces. Some may not like the design, but the strong material used on the neckband enabled it to fit securely on our necks.

It does come in different colors, so you have a choice on which one you would want to show off. The neckband isn’t tight, which makes it comfortable to wear. The in-ear headphones does a good job of delivering sound (more on that later), even if lacks active noise cancellation. Physical controls are located inside the neckband, easily accessible by hand. These buttons handle the volume and playback controls.

Sony H.ear in Wireless MDREX750BT Headphone Review

The Sony h.ear in Wireless supports Bluetooth to make it compatible with a plethora of mobile devices. Pairing them is easy and I’ve connected them to both an iPhone 6S Plus and a Nexus 5X and managed to pair it without any hassles. The headphones also support NFC – so you can easily tap it to another NFC-enabled device and Bluetooth pairing will happen automatically. A micro USB port is also present to charge the device, which Sony says will give you about seven and a half hours of battery life.

Sony H.ear in Wireless MDREX750BT Headphone Review

Sony H.ear in Wireless MDREX750BT Headphone Review

Sony mentioned that the h.ear in Wireless support LDAC – a wireless streaming technology that offers three times more quality than Bluetooth. But that will only works if you have the right audio source that supports it – namely selected Xperia smartphones and the high-end Walkman players.