Our Bluetooth wireless headset is the same size as the other Portable Bluetooth Headset. Long press of the touch function button, support for binaural calls, Bluetooth 5.0, touch buttons, 3D sound and double room surround sound will automatically appear.

Auto pop-up coupling
Remove 2 headphones from the charging box and they will be connected automatically. The IOS system will open a window to connect to the phone to complete the association. With our instant coupling technology, coupling can be completed in 3 seconds.

Stereo 3D
Wireless headphones with 14mm dynamic speakers provide clear squat and high-resolution sound, allowing you to enjoy every detail of your music. Equipped with two HD microphones and HVAC 8.0 noise reduction for true stereo calls.

IPX5 waterproof and comfortable design
Wireless headphones have IPX5 waterproof function. Whether it’s working in the sun or singing in the rain, it can withstand sweat and rain, weighs only 12 grams, is comfortable and fits most forms of the ear. It doesn’t appear when you walk or train yourself.


How to turn on / off i9s TWS earbuds?

Turn on: long press the button of two earphones, wait for 3-5 seconds. When the red and blue light alternative flash. The earbuds are turn on successfully.

Turn off:  Long press the two power buttons until led light in red, the Bluetooth earbuds enter off mode. It would be power off automatically when the earphone away from your Bluetooth device over 5 minutes. No need to worry power drain fast.

How to pair i9s TWS earbuds?

Step 1: Turn on i9s earbuds

Step 2: Click on one of the earbuds button quickly, make the two Bluetooth earphone paired

Step 3: When one eaephone red and blue lights flash alternately, and the other blue light flash slowly. The earbuds are paired successfully.

Step 4: Open the Bluetooth on the p

How to listening music?

Be sure the earphone connected with you mobile phone.

Play/Pause: Shortly press the power button to stop the music and replay by press again.

Change the music: long press one button.

How to answer the calls?

Answer the call: press once the button

Reject the call: press twice the button

How to charge the i9s TWS earbuds

Method 1: Charged by cable directly

Method 2: Charged on the charging case.

For EKABS customers: If you’ve purchased i9s TWS from us and still have problem after using the firmware, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.