Casio FX 991 ES Plus Scientific Calculator – 2nd Edition


Casio FX 991 ES PLUS calculators use NATURAL-V.P.A.M. to enter and display equations and mathematical formulas just as they are written in textbooks. NATURAL-V.P.A.M. is ideal for learning mathematics and classroom use, and it is widely used by students.

The new ES PLUS 2nd edition models feature updated designs while retaining all features of their predecessors. Inspired by the concept of learning tools that are simple and easy to use, Casio gave extra care to designing the case shape, key layout, and key font. The case has gently rounded corners and edges to better fit the hand. The keys are imprinted with a larger font than previous models for enhanced visibility, and keys in some sections of the keypad are colored for ease of identification. The cursor control has been changed from a single key to four separate direction keys, making it easier to use.

The packaging features an authenticity sticker*1 using both hologram and QR Code*2 technology so that users can confirm authenticity before purchasing. After purchase, reading the QR Code displayed on the calculator LCD accesses a Web page that checks the authenticity and provides access to the user manual. Casio has also prepared Premium Contents for users, including fun games for learning equations, game-related comics, and a certificate of authenticity.


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